This is a  package design project for Magic Monkey - an imaginary brand that sells soap for kids. When it comes to the design for kids, it involves both the kids and the parents. Therefore, I researched the key selling points for the two targets and successfully developed a soap box dieline that could meet the objective. I also created merchandise and a social media strategy for the brand. This project won a Chapter Student ADDY award in 2021.
Brand Logo for Magic Monkeys. As the targets are kids, hand rendered text with a bubbly and colorful look is highly effective.
Soap Box Package Design, created with Procreate on iPad and Adobe Illustrator. 

Soap box and soap bar mockup. Created with Adobe Photoshop.
Front and back of T-shirt. Created with Adobe Photoshop.
Gift Pack including a towel, a kids' bath bomb, and a pump bottle of hand soap. Created with Adobe Dimension.

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